It looks like I’m going to be doing some volunteer work for the Universal Peer to Peer project being developed in Carleton’s Network Management and Artificial Intelligence lab. I was given a brief demo on Wednesday and it seems like some pretty neat stuff. As I understand it, it’s essentially a web app built on top of the Gnutella protocol which allows users to set up their own file sharing communities for specific file types, which in turn allows members of these communities to search for the files they want using more specific search meta data than typical file sharing allows. One example I was shown was a community for sharing Shakespeare’s plays, which allowed users to search for plays by the names of the characters. All of the file sharing is peer to peer, and mostly transparent to the end user. I’ll most likely be working on improving the client interface, which should give me some nice experience with web applications that I desperately need.

I’ve also uploaded one of my more recent incomplete projects called Assault Squadron Elite. I’d like to expand it further, but it’s starting to get a little tedious and time consuming, particularly the art work. As anyone who looked at the screenshots can tell, I’m certainly no artist. If anyone would like to give me a hand with any aspect of the project, I’d more than welcome the help.

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