As part of the Software Engineering program at Carleton, all students need to complete a group software development project during their second year. This year’s project is to create a turn based puzzle implementation of Pacman using Java. Work started on the project about 6 weeks ago, and I feel that at this point it’s ready to be showcased.

Screenshot of Pacman's Perilous Predicament

Pacman’s Perilous Predicament is the result of my work with my fellow second year students Robert Gillespie and Alexander Dinardo. The purpose of this project was primarily to practice the use of design patterns and to learn techniques and software used to collaborate with other developers. I also feel that this project makes a good example of the quality of my code. My primary responsibilities have been the model used for storing levels, the Java2D graphical display, and most of the external documentation. However, as the dev team is only three people the work tends to all blend together so that everyone has some small hand in most aspects of the program. The full source as well as milestone releases are available at the google code site and will also be mirrored here once the project has reached a non-beta release.

In other news, the Universal Peer-to-Peer project which I’ve been working on has been accepted to show a demo at the World Wide Web Conference 2009 in Madrid, Spain. This means that my work on this project will be stepping up for the next two months in order to get the interface ready to demo. In particular, this is giving me some very solid motivation to work on my web development and programming skills, and hopefully my upcoming work will reflect that.

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