Work is steadily continuing on Ore War. Since the last update I’ve implemented health and energy for all game entities, as well as a weapon system allowing for the player (and enemies) to carry and use an arbitrary number of weapons. I’ve also implemented a “rope anchor launcher”, which allows the player to launch a projectile which they can grapple on to and swing around. A demonstration of this is in the gameplay video posted below:

Updates to this blog has certainly been slow since my server box melted down early last year. Luckily, the site has now been moved to a dedicated hosting solution thanks to a generous door prize from iWeb Technologies that I won at this year’s Canadian University Software Engineering Conference. I’ve yet to get SVN running on the new server, so for the time being I’ve simply provided source distributions of the most recent revision of each of my projects.

I’ve recently been working on a 3D, 6 degree of freedom space shooter that I’ve named Ore War. Ore War aims to be a competitive, skill-oriented, multiplayer game. My primary goals with this project are to further familiarize myself with C++, and to experiment with using the open source OGRE graphics rendering engine. As with all my previous projects Ore War is open source, and my most recent work can always be accessed from my GitHub page.

A screenshot of Ore War

A screenshot of Ore War.

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