Completed Projects


A 4th year engineering project at Carleton University aimed at producing an augmented reality robotics interface available through Android OS smartphones. RoboWars was created by a four person team consisting of myself, Alexander Dinardo, Steve Legere, and Michael Wright. My responsibilities for this project were to implement live video streaming to Android smartphones, as well as to implement all network data transfer and server-side client state management. The source code is available on the project github page, and my work can primarily be found in the robowars.controller package. (September 2010 – April 2011)

Pacman’s Perilous Predicament

Pacman’s Perilous Predicament is the result of my second year software development project. It was developed as a team by Robert Gillespie, Alexander Dinardo and myself. I was primarily responsible for the game graphics and level creation and storage for the program, and I am currently the only member of the team still maintaining the project. Pacman’s Perilous Predicament is hosted at Google Code (January – April 2009)


DBrickTris is yet another falling brick puzzle game. DBrickTris is written in C++ with the SDL library. (October 2008)

Scott and Alex Messenger

Dedicated Site

Scott and Alex Messenger was my first significant project, and despite the name it was a solo project. It is a simple Java based instant messenger. This was my first experience with network coding, and the net code was written from scratch with the standard Java libraries. (June – July 2008)

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